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4 Takeaways for Shops New to Micromachining

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

By taking the plunge into micromachining, Minnesota Micro Molding, Machining & MFG. now specializes in the design and production of parts 0.015 inch and smaller. Here is that story and the lessons learned in the process.

“We’re just a small #shop next to a cornfield out in Hutchinson, Minnesota,” Mr. Baklund says. But as the brains and knowhow behind Minnesota #MicroMolding, #Machining & MFG (M5 for short), he and his five #machinists, #toolmakers & #designers have carved out a space for themselves doing valuable and challenging #micro work in a field (no pun intended) with relatively little competition.

Modern Machine Shop has written about Mr. Baklund in the past, namely in his capacity as proprietor of Baklund R&D. But that was before he started M5 in 2016, thereby dedicating his work to #micromachining. Much of M5’s work serves the #medical#device industry, along with #aerospace, #military and occasionally #electronics.

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